Aug 27, 2020

Ten Steps to Follow Up Your Media Pitch

One of the most credible ways to build your personal brand is through gaining publicity coverage in the mainstream media. As posted in my blog last week, word of mouth and editorial coverage is powerful when it comes to promoting you.  ..

Apr 23, 2020

Blow Your Own Trumpet to Boost Your Brand

The thought of self-promotion for many of us is that it is being boastful or pushy and at present, perhaps not appropriate. “Selling”, whether for your products or services or you, is a fundamental requirement for success in business. I know, you don’t like to do it and neither do I! ..

Apr 09, 2020

Why it's Still a Good Time to Send a Media Release

It is Easter and the bunny is in town. So says my desk calendar about April. It also has January, time to hit the beach and for February, love is in the air. And so it goes for the reminder of the year, reminding me to get any themed printing done on time.  ..

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