Jan 14, 2021

How to be a Confident, in Control, Job Candidate

New year and new start for many of you as I’ve noticed on my social media feeds with postings about new jobs. That is exciting and although it doesn’t apply to everyone and all countries, here in Australia, 2021 is shaping up quite well. As the summer winds down you too might find yourself searching for a new role.  ..

Oct 29, 2020

Does Executive Presence Give You the Executive Edge?

My observation of successful entrepreneurs and business leaders is that they have outstanding interpersonal skills. Sure, technical skills, leadership and managing teams well are vital. However, the “edge” is that you need to be effective at building connections and relationships with your public both from a business and personal point of view – essentially personal public relations.  ..

Oct 01, 2020

Transform Your Personal Brand in Spring

Spring transformation sounds more like what you need to do in the garden or perhaps it is to, ‘spring clean’ around the house. What about you and your brand? Transformation, reinvention and changing course is on a lot of people’s minds right now. Is it time for a fresh look or brand reinvigoration? ..

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